Drake, who was all over the 2011 BET Awards last night, is battling with Universal Music Group, his parent label. It's an age-old, push and pull situation regarding the early release of new music. Drake just wants to get the fans excited; problem is it terrifies the label, who is trying to prevent leaks that damage record selling potential!

On Thursday, he let loose on Twitter, posting an angry message: "Universal needs to stop taking my f---ing songs down. I am doing this for the people not for your label." Drake was apparently pissed that the company removed songs that he posted for fans to listen to and to help build hype for his upcoming second album, 'Take Care.' The label is obviously working to protect its investment and the assets that are new Drake songs to help prevent widespread piracy, which will trickle down and lessen record sales.

However, in the hip-hop scene, leaks and early looks and listens are crucial in building and maximizing hype. Drake's 'Thank Me Later' was a massive success, enjoying one of the best first week sales tallies of 2010, and UMG no doubt is looking for a repeat with 'Take Care.'

Drake is looking out for his fans. The label is looking out for Drake, in their own way. There is no clear winner here, but Drake certainly isn't a happy camper.

Listen to Drake, 'Trust Issues'