After dropping the intoxicating song 'Marvin's Room,' Canadian rapper Drake unveiled his new track by way of his blog called 'Headlines.' The tune is the first single from the Young Money artist's sophomore LP 'Take Care.'

'Headlines' is more uptempo than his ballad 'Marvin's Room,' as it opens up with charging synths and a punchy beat followed by Drizzy's introspective lyrics.

He raps, "And they sayin' I'm back / I agree with that / I just take my time with all of this s--- / I still believe in that / I had someone tell me I fell off / Oooh I needed that / And they want to see me pick back up / Well, where'd I leave it at?"

The song, which was produced by hitmakers Boi-1da and Noah "40" Shebib, features Drake's braggadocios rhymes and tough talk as he boasts about his newfound fame while warning naysayers that they don't want to catch his wrath. He expresses some of this in the chorus singing, "The realest is on the rise / F--- them other guys / I even gave them a chance to decide / Now it's something they know / they know, they know, they know."

Drizzy then continues the tough talk rapping, "Soap opera rappers all these n----- sound like 'All My Children' / And that's who you thinkin' is about to come and make a killin'? / I guess it's really is just me, myself and all my millions / You know they ain't even got it like that / You gonna hype me up and make me catch a body like that / 'Cause I live for this / It isn't just a hobby like that."

With the all of the hype surrounding Drake's new single, we weren't completely thrilled by what we heard, but it will definitely keep the fans happy until his new album 'Take Care' hits stores on Oct. 24.

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Listen to Drake, 'Headlines'