Drake hosted the 2011 Juno Awards on Sunday, March 27, and before the 'Find Your Love' singer-rapper took the stage, he took the time to Skype with some fellow Canadian celebs, including Justin Bieber, in his dressing room.

As Drake tried to get ready for his big hosting debut, he kept being interrupted with video-chats. The first Skype caller came from Canadian news anchor Lloyd Robertson, who was hitting up Drake for their 'Call of Duty' XBOX sesh. After Dreezy told the anchor he had to reschedule, it wasn't long before another Skype message popped up on his laptop -- this time from teen heartthrob Justin Bieber.

As they chatted via Skype, Bieber told Drake about his love for Canadian songstress Sarah McLaughlin and his worries of fading into obscurity. Drake told Bieber that even if people forget about him, that he will always remember him. With this line, both pop stars broke into song, singing a hilarious mini duet of McLaughlin's hit 'I Will Remember You.'

The Juno Awards were a big night for Bieber, who racked up two awards at the show for Pop Album of the Year and Fan Choice Award. Drake didn't walk away with any awards, but the former 'Degrassi' actor proved that he can still whip out the theatrics, as he did a great job hosting the gig.

Watch Drake and Justin Bieber's Juno Awards Skit