Drake is riding high on the release of his No. 1 album, 'Take Care,' and now the 25-year-old rapper is opening up about his motivation and the inspiration behind his sophomore LP.

"I'm not the guy that'll ever be able to make circus music with no substance," he tells Google before his performance at Google Music's launch event in Los Angeles. "I think [with] all my projects, hopefully, I'm working through some form of emotion, because I think that's what music is about. It's about connecting and people being able to relate."

As for what drives him, the Canadian superstar says its his naysayers. "I think every time I say I'm about to do something, people are waiting for me to fumble," he adds. "That's probably one of the biggest motivations behind a lot of my raps -- the amount of people that want me to fall or whatever. I think that should be the motivation for most rappers."

While Drake is sitting pretty atop the Billboard 200 chart, he's very aware of his success and what comes with it. "The further you climb towards the top, the more hands you have on your pant leg dragging you to the bottom," he explains. "They just start tugging at you -- but I wear really strong pants."

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