It looks like Drake is on to the next one. The 'Take Care' singer was spotted partying it up and kissing on a gorgeous female. DJ Funkmaster Flex's website In Flex We Trust posted a few pictures of Drizzy hitting the club with U.K. singer Ny (not "NY") and the pair was mighty cozy.

One photo shows Drake lifting his cup up in the air while giving a big smooch to Ny, who is looking at the camera like, "Yeah, he's mines now ladies." Another pic features the Canadian crooner giving Ny the biggest hug in the world.

So does Drake have a new boo in his life? And who is Ny?

Well, here's what we know. Ny is London-based singer who has made a name for herself in the U.K. and has toured with Tinie Tempah. Last year, she made a big splash with the single 'Be With You,' and she recently released a new video for the song 'Music.' Oh, and she owns a pet iguana. So not only is she beautiful, she loves lizards, too.

Now that Ny has the Internet in a tizzy with her pics of hugging Drake, it would appear that she's looking to make waves here in the United States, much like fellow Londoner Rita Ora.

So we're not sure if this is Drake's new girlfriend, but we can only guesstimate that a collaboration between Ny and Drake will happen in the future.

We wonder what Rihanna thinks about that? Take Care.

Watch the Ny 'Music' Video