As Drake celebrates the release of his new album 'Take Care' with his promotional run in the United States, the Canadian rap superstar wants to take the celebration further outside of the U.S. to the beautiful islands of Jamaica. Once there, he is going to challenge his boss and mentor Lil Wayne to a sound clash.

For those who may not know, sound clashes are similar to rap battles here in the U.S. In the musical competition, two opposing reggae crews battle each other at a venue over who has the biggest sound. The groups take turns improvising with their music until the winner is decided by the audience's reactions.

"I love Jamaican culture -- so what I'm gonna do, I'm challenging Lil Wayne to a sound clash," Drake tells Billboard. "I don't want to just perform by myself, so I want Wayne to come out on stage with a mic and I'm gonna have a mic, and we're gonna have both our DJs, and we're gonna battle song-for-song and see who the people love more. And that's how it's gonna go."

Drake promises that he will make it happen although he didn't give a specific date or location. "I already issued the challenge," Drizzy says. "He's serious about it, [Wayne] accepted like, 'Man, I'm ready. I'm gonna eat your food.' I'm like, "Aiight, we'll see."

So who do you think will win in a rap battle between Drake or Lil Wayne? Sound off in the comments section below.