Drake is responding to ex-girlfriend Ericka Lee's lawsuit over 'Marvin's Room.' Drizzy's take on the matter is essentially that the allegations are false and Lee refused several attempts to settle her claims in hopes of a bigger payout from the record-shattering rapper.

According to Lee's suit, Drake allegedly agreed to collaborate with Lee on ‘Marvin’s Room’ and divvy up the profits. Drake allegedly also texted Lee, writing, “U basically made that song” and “It’s s— without you.”

Lee claims that after the song's release, their relationship ended, leading Drake to text her again, promising two percent of “publishing royalties.” When Lee got lawyers involved in November 2011, Drake offered a small percentage of the song’s publishing royalties as well as a $50,000 payout. Lee refused the offer and is now taking Drake to court in hopes of restitution and a judge's declaration as the song’s co-writer.

Lee had claimed that Drake told her if she didn't back down from her case that his "people would take care of issues like her.” Based on Drake's reputation as a bit of a softie, we're assuming he simply meant his attorneys. Drake's rep fired back at Lee, telling TMZ, "This claim is entirely without merit and our client has not engaged in any wrongful conduct."

Furthermore, the rep claims that Drake's team tried numerous times to appease Lee and she simply wouldn't allow it. "Drake tried for months to resolve the matter amicably, and he now looks forward to being vindicated in court."

Let this be a lesson, everyone: Drunk dials always end in up in headaches!