It features two of the hottest pop stars on the planet, so it only stands to reason that the Rihanna-assisted title track from Drake's 'Take Care' is blowing up. If you've been wondering when a video for the upcoming single, which will officially be released to radio in Jan. 2012, will impact, you aren't alone.

Not to worry: Drake hears your pleas for a 'Take Care' clip, and he definitely plans on filming one. He just isn't rushing because he wants to "make it perfect."

"It's a project where I think visuals are called for, for a lot of those records," Drake told MTV during a recent interview. "So we're working on definitely the 'Take Care' video, which we're trying to get shot soon and a couple of other ones, too, off the album."

For Drake, the 'Take Care' track is something special, and he wants the clip to do the song justice. "I want to make it perfect -- the best video I've done to date -- so I'm just taking my time," he said.

In the meantime, Rihanna has plenty of chart action on her own -- her new album 'Talk That Talk' was just certified platinum, while her lead single 'We Found Love' broke a personal RiRi record by logging eight consecutive weeks at the top spot on Billboard's Hot 100 chart. Can these two get any hotter in 2012?