Drake's second album, 'Take Care,' is on the way -- and the 'Find Your Love' singer's producer Boi-1da shared some insider info about the new album while on the Grammy red-carpet.

“It is amazing stuff. A lot of rapping, more than on the last album,” Boi-1da told EW, adding that the new record will be a step away from Drake's last. “He is trying to go in a slightly different direction, but stay consistent enough to give the fans what they want. He is more confident, and sure that what he is doing, he’s doing right. That opens artists up to trying new things and experimenting.”

Boi-1da would know what doing it right looks like -- he produced Drake's successful debut album, 2010's 'Thank Me Later,' as well as Eminem's Grammy-winning record, 'Recovery.'

“We are doing a lot of work,” Boi-1da added of his time with the 24-year-old Canadian artist. “I did a bunch of stuff on the last record, and we worked well together, so I think we will throw together a bunch of stuff and see what sticks.”

'Take Care' will hit this spring.