When Drake unveiled the cover art for his 'Take Care' album, the image of a pensive crooner, draped in gold necklaces, sitting at a table with his head down left his fans asking "what was he thinking about?"

In an interview with MTV, Drizzy explains the cover represents him at a turning point of his career and wondering what lies ahead for him in the future. "That's who's sitting on that album cover, that kid that's just somehow gone from his mom's basement in Toronto to becoming a king," he says. "That's what that album cover is about and there is a lot of deep thought involved in that 'cause you can go crazy doing this."

Drake describes 'Take Care' as a "story" about him dealing with fame and the ups and downs that comes along with it. "I'm immersed in that lifestyle, but I'm not gonna let it consume me though," he explains. "That's what the album is pretty much about, just staying sane, but maybe, maybe not really though. You have to listen to it."

Drake's second album 'Take Care' will arrive in stores on Nov. 15.