Sure, on the outside, Drake is a hardened Young Money rapper, but on the inside, he's just a big kid. At least, that's what one funny photoshop artist would have you believe.

A hilarious photo-shopped version of Drake's 'Take Care' album cover has been circulating the web, which shows the 'Headlines' hit maker scribbling with markers on a play mat, rather than diddling with gold heirlooms like in the original cover art.

What's even funnier is that Mr. 'Degrassi' is sporting a pair of little girl's slippers on the 'Day Care' insert, which are (obviously) the careful work of a skilled photo-editing genius. Drake is lost in thought in the picture, as he colors with a thick pink pen, but to his right are toys and a child-size slide, which only discount his 'deep' state of mind.

It's photos like the one above that make the internet so worthwhile, and we're sure Drake would find the shopped album cover funny as well. After all, with the new release of his 'Take Care' album fresh in everyone's minds, 'Day Care' is still a way to promote his music... Even if it's not quite what he envisioned for the release.