From listening to Drake's leaked songs like 'Marvin's Room' and 'Trust Issues' you would think that the Canadian rapper-crooner is taking a morose approach to his music. Not quite so, according to an interview with radio personality Headkrack.

Drizzy reveals that his new album 'Take Care' will be more upbeat than his previous release, 'Thank Me Later.' "'Sonically, [producer Noah "40" Shebib] and I started using new sounds and picking up the tempo, picking up the energy," he says.

"Last album, it was sort of still the struggle with fame, still figuring it all out. And this album, man, I’m here with all my friends from Toronto. We’re living the life. I'm 24 years old and everybody’s happy," he continued. "That’s really what this album is about. It’s about really making this happen. I want people to understand this life, but not from the superficial perspective of 'Oh it's so good and we're all so rich.' It's not all that -- it’s partly that -- but there's a message behind it."

Within the last year, Drake feels that he has learned a lot about himself as he continues to embrace his newfound fame. "I think I finally have a grasp on who I am and who I want to be," he says. "The goal for me [on] this album was to dig even deeper. So what I did for this album was to capture this moment in time at the most honest place I can [be]. However it ends up, I’m ready for the world right now."

Drake new album 'Take Care' will hit stores in October.

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