The long-standing feud between Drake and Los Angeles tattoo artist Kevin Campbell appears to be over. Apparently, the two recently had a chat and resolved their issues. As reported on Karen Civil, Campbell announced on his Twitter account that his beef with the rap superstar is done.

"Drake beef officially squashed...Everybody can now move on. Only positivity from here on out," he tweeted on Wednesday (Jan. 25). "[Drake] nice talking to you buddy, glad everything's cleared up. It's good that something positive came out of this whole fiasco. Stay up."

Meanwhile, Complex found a photo of a fan who received a tattoo on their arm of the girl with the forehead "DRAKE" tattoo. WTF?! From looking at the photo, it seems like the tat was done with a sharpie pen so we can't confirm if it is real or not. But at least it's not on the person's forehead.

Now that Drake settled his disagreement with Campbell, we hope he can end his lyrical feud with Common. However, Common says he's done beefing with Drizzy. "I feel like I said everything I really needed to say on the record," he told HuffPost. "I just looked at it as like 'Hey, it's just a hip-hop battle.'"