A day after Drake released the track listing to his upcoming LP 'Take Care,' he debuted 'The Motto' while guest DJing at a Los Angeles radio station. The song, which features Lil Wayne, is a bonus track from the Toronto rapper's deluxe version of the album, which hits stores on Nov. 15.

The sparse track is Drake's shout out to the Bay Area's hyphy music scene. Over a 808 drum kick and a moody bass, Drizzy and Weezy swap braggadocios verses of making money and living the life of a baller. The running theme throughout the song is "Yolo," which is Bay Area slang for "You Only Live Once."

"Getting paid, we'll holla whenever that stop / My team good, they don't really need a mascot / I tell Tune 'light one, pass it like a relay' / YMCMB, you n---as more YMCA," Drake raps. Meanwhile, Lil Tunechi throws a couple lyrical jabs and indecipherable rhymes at his haters. He rhymes, "Talk stupid, off with your head / Money talks and Mr. Ed / I'm so Young Money / Got a drum on the gun and a desert bunny."

It's not a bad track and it's good to hear Drake rap in a style that caters to a particular rap region that normally doesn't get much shine. Take a listen and tell us what you think in the comments below.

Listen to Drake, 'The Motto' Feat. Lil Wayne