Drake's 'Take Care' bonus track 'The Motto,' which featured Lil Wayne, has been remixed to include YG, Nipsey Hussle and Snoop Dogg.

The remix rides the same beat of the original song, allowing the rappers' words to dominate the track. While Drake explains the motto YOLO -- you only live once -- his guests take their verses in different directions. YG promises that he'll still "make love when I'm 60" and brags about having a girl "with a bootie like Nicki / All we do is have cookies, no bite marks or hickies."

"If you ain't talkin' money, put a muzzle on your mouth," Nipsey Hussle begins, kicking off a verse that's all about getting paper. "Flights somewhere down south / And I'm somewhere in the front cause I'm somebody that counts / Money in all of my accounts / Show my little homies what this ballin' is about."

Snoop's cameo might be the most creative. He refers to himself as "the cat in the hat, the Dogg with it all" and spits, "Breakfast blunt on the table / A couple thoroughbreds in my stable / Hog in the pen, biscuits and jam / Dogg is the man."

We miss Lil Wayne's 'Baby Got Back' reference, but the remix works just as well as the 'Take Care' version of 'The Motto.'

Listen to Drake, 'The Motto' Remix Feat. Snoop Dogg, YG and Nipsey Hussle