Drake shows his support of Oakland and the San Francisco Bay Area in the new video for 'The Motto' -- the 'Take Care' bonus track featuring Lil Wayne and Tyga.

As noted by The Boombox, the video opens with a message from Wanda Salvatto, mother of Mac Dre, a Bay area rapper who was shot and killed in 2004 and who gets name-checked in the song. She looks into the camera and addresses her son directly, saying, "If you could see me now, sitting here in front of this camera, and the people that are in the room, you would be proud ... I'm still here, and as long as I'm here, you'll be here."

As the song progresses, the clip includes plenty of wide shots of Oakland and San Francisco. Drake is shot mostly by a camera in the passenger seat of his ride and he cruises around the Bay and raps the motto "You only live once." And yes, that is a leopard print winter jacket he's rocking.

Weezy performs his verse at night with a bridge lit up behind him. He makes a fashion statement of his own, with neon green boots that match his wristwatch. Clips of Tyga in front of the night skyline are mixed with footage of him onstage at a club.

Despite being a bonus track, 'The Motto' has become one of the most successful songs on 'Take Care,' reaching the Top 20.

Watch the Drake 'The Motto' Video