Drake did a very nice thing for fans over the weekend. The rapper-crooner released two new teaser songs, 'Club Paradise' and 'Free Spirit' and a remix to Waka Flocka Flame's 'Round of Applause' on his official website, October's Very Own.

No word if the new songs will appear on his upcoming CD 'Take Care,' but they should appease his fans as they anxiously wait for the Oct. 24 release date.

The song 'Club Paradise,' features producer Noah '40' Shebib's trademark atmospheric soundscapes as Drizzy talks about fellow rappers who are not feeling his style. "A couple of artists got words for me that's never fun / They say, 'It's on' when they see me / That day don't never come / I'm never scared, they never real, I'll never run / When it's all said and done / More is always said and done."

Drake's second tune 'Free Spirit' features Miami rapper Rick Ross and is also produced by 40. The song feels a little dated with the beat-and-snare combo sounding similar to 'Successful,' his 2009 duet with Trey Songz. Nonetheless, 'Free Spirit' is a bouncy club joint with Drizzy and Rozay encouraging the ladies to "tat" their name on their bodies. "I told you this is our world and you foolish thinking I'm wrong," Drake boasts.

Finally, Drake released the remix to Waka Flocka Flame's 'Round of Applause' and he's particularly happy about this collaboration since it's the first time he has rapped over a Lex Luger-produced beat. "I feel like I got seat B60 on Southwest [Airlines]...everybody has gone in before me...but we made it happen![sic]" he writes on his blog. It's your typical strip-club banger from Flocka and Drake feels comfortably rhyming over the bass-heavy beat.

Listen to Drake, 'Club Paradise'

Listen to Drake, 'Free Spirit' Feat. Rick Ross

Listen to Waka Flocka Flame, 'Round Of Applause' Feat. Drake