Drake could be facing legal action from a club owner in Oklahoma City, Okla., for smoking the green herb. According to TMZ, the owner of the Dollhouse Lounge alleges that Drizzy's posse was smoking marijuana at a private party in his club, which led to the arrest of the club manager.

Apparently, Drake and his crew requested the club be opened on March 1 for a private party and it was off the rails (their words not ours). During the festivities, several Dollhouse employees also smelled the aroma of marijuana coming from Drake's VIP section.

According to the owner, after the party got out of control, OKC police shut down the place and escorted partygoers out of the club. It was then that police discovered a half-burnt blunt in Drake's section and arrested the manager after giving her a ticket.

Now the owner has sent Drake a letter to his management team demanding that he pays for the damages he allegedly caused or else he's going to call the legal eagles.

The Dollhouse owner may have to wait until Drake returns from his overseas trip. He's currently on the European leg of his Club Paradise Tour. One thing's for sure, Drizzy and his crew won't have to worry about their smoking habits once they arrive in Amsterdam. We hear the drug laws are not so strict in the Netherlands, so puff-puff away.