Even though it happened a couple of weeks ago, we are still in shock that a Drake fan actually got a tattoo of "DRAKE" (in all caps) etched into her forehead. Drizzy has seen the photo that went viral on the internet and has addressed the situation in a recent interview.

During a brief chat with Los Angeles’ Power 106 on-air personality Mando Fresko, the 'Motto' rapper seemed flattered by the unique artwork. "I want to meet her and understand what happened," Drake said. "That's cool, though. I feel you a 100 percent. That, to me, is like, absolutely incredible."

However, he had not-so kind words for the tattoo artist named Kevin Campbell who called Drake a "Goofnugget R&B dude" in an interview with Vice magazine. "F--- you to that tat artist by the way," he seethed. "And you should lose your job and should never do tattoos again and I don’t f--- with you. And if I ever see you, I'ma f--- you up."

In his defense, Campbell did asked the woman three times if she really wanted the "DRAKE" tattoo on her forehead. But he also felt obligated as an artist to ink her and not prejudge her artistic taste. “But as far as having a choice, yeah, sure, I could have turned her away," he said. "I think that getting a color portrait of the Joker from Batman is a dumb idea, but who the f--- am I to judge? If I tattoo a huge "BK" on a Crip [gang member] or tattoo "DRAKE" on some R&B-crazed girl’s face, what’s the difference? Who am I to say which one is wrong and which is right?”

As for calling Drake a "goofnugget" and the "softest m-----f---er in hip-hop," you are on your own, buddy. In the end, at least Drake is taking this woman's fandom all in stride. As for us, we are still in shock by it all.

Watch Drake Talks Woman's Forehead Tattoo