Cute, charming and totally talented -- yep, we'd love to go on a Valentine's date with One Direction's Niall Horan! The singer is always cracking us up in interviews and on Twitter, so we're pretty sure he would be so much fun to hang out with one-on-one. What would your dream Valentine's Day date be with Niall?

Any Directioner worth her salt knows that Niall is a huge fan of the restaurant Nando's. Where better for a Valentine's date than the singer's fave place to eat? It may not have candlelight and a violinist, but the casual atmosphere would be so much fun!

Niall is quite an accomplished guitar player, so rocking out with him would be amazing. A jam sesh would be a great way to tap into Niall's creative side, but in a low-pressure setting. Who knows, maybe you can even write a duet!

By February, we're totally ready to be back at the beach. Who better to catch some rays with than Niall? Swimming, surfing, jet-skiing -- it would definitely be an amazing way to spend Valentine's Day!

We already know Niall loves music, so going to a concert would be a perfect fit! While any Directioner would melt at the chance to see 1D on stage, it would also be so much fun to see a show with Niall.

What would be your dream Valentine's Day date with Niall? Vote in the poll below!