Duncan may sound like a fairly unknown name to you now, but that's all going to change soon. The Miami-based pop singer has already been heating up the airwaves with his single 'Light Up the Sky' -- the track was featured in the holiday flick 'New Year's Eve' and was also played throughout this year's NCAA March Madness tournament -- and now Duncan's dropping the video for feel-good song.

In his brand-new 'Light Up the Sky' video, Duncan takes us through a night of carefree fun with his friends, which makes for the perfect visuals to accompany the uptempo lighthearted tune. They take over a laundromat, hit up a dance floor, tool around the city in a vintage convertible, grab some late-night munchies off of a food truck, swim in their underwear and light fireworks off at the beach, all while looking fashionable in their Beats by Dre headphones and colorful clothes.

Duncan spoke with us about his video for 'Light Up the Sky,' calling the whole process a "crazy experience." He continued, "It was about a 19 hour day for me and it was the first video I’ve ever shot. So, it was great for me! I always love the saying go big or go home, we definitely put that into use with the video. The song and the video are both really fun, they just set that type of feel good vibe we can enjoy and relate to."

"Everyone's had a moment or time in their life that defining moment whatever that may be. Something that they did or happened to them that they’ll never forget. That’s what 'Light Up the Sky' is about," the Colorado native added. "The video really captures the essence of the song from a view of a couple of friends having the night of their lives and doing whatever the hell they wanted too. Partying till the sun came up and while shooting the video, we pretty much did just that."

Watch the Duncan 'Light Up the Sky' Video