Dylan Allen shows two sides in his video for 'Where Dey Do Dat At.' First, he's a nerdy video game player with flood pants (a la Urkel) and super fast fingerwork when it comes to his beloved joystick. Then he morphs into a swagged-out rapper and pop star on the screen.

It reminds us a bit of Justin Bieber's 'One Time' vid, where he and real-like pal Ryan Butler were playing video games before partying with Usher.

In the video, Allen busts more than few healthy moves as both alter egos. He has swag. His nerdy alter ego ends up in the video game, which gives the video a modern and futuristic feel, and he learns how to dance.

"Ever since I heard the record, I felt like it would be my anthem song," Allen said about the track. "I feel like that particular song has a different sound than any other record that's trending now."

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"Having worked with everyone from Michael Jackson to Chris Brown to Justin Bieber, I constantly find myself wanting to find the next generation of talent," producer Rodney "Darkchild" Jerkins said. "When Dylan Allen was 12 years old, he performed for me live and I couldn't believe the showmanship this kid possessed. I told myself, 'I can't let this kid get away.' I truly believe he could be tomorrow's brightest star. The world is waiting for more artists that have the full package, singer, writer, musician, and dancer. Dylan is all of that!"

With this video and that endorsement, remember you heard about Dylan Allen here first.