Have you ever locked eyes with someone across the room and known in that instance that you were meant to be together? We've all been there and Dyllan Murray totally captures that fateful vibe in his new video for 'Trophy Girl.'

We have to give him mad props because right off the bat, he's projecting confidence. He's made eye contact with the lucky lady and he's not about to let this girl walk away.

"Imma slide right over / Tap her on the shoulder / Say 'little cutie, what's your name?' / Imma get her number / Tell her that I want her / And we're gonna make a getaway," Dyllan sings. (We're totally taking notes on his smooth moves!)

In fact, Dyllan even addresses the other guys in the room, saying, "Always so effortless / Watch how I do me / While them other dudes lined up like groupies / I'm so fly, cut to the front of the line / Works every time / Imma a slide over / Tap her on the shoulder / Say 'little cutie, what's your name?'" 

But, of course, the video showcases more than just Dyllan's vocals and slick lyrics. He also shows off his moves on the dancefloor -- and works it in an amazing leather jacket. (Swoon.) And with Valentine's Day just around the corner, we're digging that Dyllan is all about embracing his self-confidence. Gentlemen, take notes.

You can check out his 'Trophy Girl' in the video above! Be sure to keep up with the latest info on Dyllan Murray on his Facebook and Twitter.