Singing an Adele song is ballsy and akin to attempting to sing songs by Mariah Carey or Whitney Houston at this point, but 15-year-old Eben Franckewitz, who is 'American Idol' Season 11's youngest contestant, showed he has major cojones by tackling the diva's latest hit 'Set Fire to the Rain' during his first live performance tonight (Feb. 28).

With his Bieber-like bangs and high, pretty voice, Franckewitz certainly won both the crowd and the judging panel over.

Randy Jackson pointed out that the teen wasn't all perfect in his live debut, thanks to some flat notes in the middle, but Eben exuded confidence, walking the stage with the confidence of a seasoned veteran. He didn't let a few missed notes throw him off his game.

His cuteness and his youth certainly work for him, despite a smattering of flaws in his performance. There were a few moments where he was "pitchy," a judge "buzz" word, but we have a hunch that American voters will give him another chance to show us what he's got and what he's made of.

Oh, the power of cuteness.

Watch Eben Franckewitz Perform 'Set Fire to the Rain' on 'American Idol'