King of covers Ed Sheeran has just affixed another jewel to his crown.

During his tour's stop at Salt Lake City on Tuesday night (May 19), Sheeran and fellow guitar-slinger Ben Kweller—who served as the show's opening act—put their soulful sides to the test when they joined on stage to honor the late Ben E. King with a performance of the artist's classic "Stand By Me." The result? Somewhere around five minutes of exceedingly pleasant strumming and crooning.

"You will sing it, you will dance, you will clap," Sheeran introduced the tune, and the audience had no trouble obliging. Once the X singer and Kweller finally reached the end of the song's road, though, they moved to keep the good vibes going by delivering a bit of Sean Kingston's 2007 hit "Beautiful Girls," which famously sampled King's track.

Pretty great, right? Still, for all of Sheeran's obvious talent, he told Entertainment Weekly he's got miles to go before he sleeps in an interview published Wednesday (May 20), and said there's a certain pop singer and pal who's inspired him to continue setting his commercial sights high.

"At the moment, Taylor [Swift] is a benchmark in America and a lot of other countries," he noted. "In America, I want to catch up with her...If I passed her, I think she’d then get more competitive and do more stuff. I think it would only be healthy." The gauntlet has been thrown down, Tay—your move.

Watch the clip, and if there's a song you're dying to hear Sheeran cover, share it in the comments!