Ed Sheeran released a brand new song in the most surprising of places -- during an episode of the TBS sitcom 'Cougar Town.' Yeah, we know, it sounds totally weird. But it kind of makes sense when you consider his close relationship with one of the show's lead actresses, Courteney Cox.

Ed actually wound up introducing Courteney to her now-fiance, Johnny McDaid of Snow Patrol. Of the introduction, he told the Mirror the two met at a house party Ed brought Johnny to: "I brought Johnny along with me and introduced them. At the end of the night I went home, and he didn't. That was it.”

As for the song, we sadly don't have a full clip of it, but what we can hear we're totally obsessed with. It's a slow, guitar-driven ballad which is pretty typical of Ed's sound -- in the best way, obviously. There are no further details as to what the song is called, whether it'll be released as a single or if it's part of any upcoming projects, so we're kind of in the dark about it, but we definitely hope there'll be a full release of some sort in the near future. Check out the clip above and let us know what you think of it!

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