While we thought that Ed Sheeran resembled Chuckie Finster from 'Rugrats,' Jimmy Kimmel felt that the 'Don't' singer looked like a different redheaded cartoon character: Little Orphan Annie.

Yes, the ginger-haired Brit so resembled the beloved freckle-faced orphan that the talk show host jokingly revealed that Sheeran will be playing the iconic role in ABC's live musical 'Annie' -- and then brought him out onstage to prove it. And let us tell you: We were not prepared.

Sheeran literally walked on stage wearing Annie's traditional red dress, white socks and patent leather shoes, dragging a stuffed animal Sandy on a leash. Needless to say, the audience shrieked in surprise, and one guy even gave him a wolf whistle. (He knows what's up.)

Unfortunately for us, Sheeran stopped just short of singing Annie's signature song, 'The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow,' telling Kimmel: "I can't f---ing do this man," before sadly dragging Sandy off stage with him.

See Ed Sheeran as Annie in the video above!

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