Ed Sheeran is talented, famous, highly respected for his art and beloved by fans. He can also do a mean Britney Spears, as he freestyled to her smash '…Baby One More Time' for Z100.

He made that shizzay sound even better. He gave it a total Sheeranized makeover, with subdued singing and then a "f" word-laden rap! Who knew he had it in him! We love the reference to Jay-Z and JT and 'Suit & Tie,' too.

Sheeran also recently admitted that before he had hit singles, penned tracks for One Direction, and scored a plum gig as Taylor Swift's collaborator and tour opener, he was a young ruffian who would skip showers and ride the London Underground -- their subway -- all day long. Say what?!

"Sometimes when I didn't have a place to shower, I'd wait for the Tube to open up at 5AM and sit on the Circle Line and go round and round. I wouldn't shower," the singer, now 22, recalled (quote via Entertainment Wise).

While he was a struggling artist he "couch surfed and floor surfed sometimes. Once I was staying at this student house and had a shower, but didn't have a towel."

He improvised, since necessity is the mother of invention. "This lad had a Green Day poster, I literally just scraped the water off with it," Sheeran recalled.

And while Sheeran recalled his modest early days, he is using his current fame and fortune for good. He has partnered with guitar maker C.F. Martin & Company for the LX1E Ed Sheeran Signature Edition guitar. Proceeds from the guitar, which will be embossed with Sheeran's signature image (the "+" sign), as well as "est. 1991" (the year Ed was born) and the East Anglia Children's Hospices logo ("EACH"), will go to EACH, which he supports in his native England.