As if women didn't lust after Harry Styles enough, Ed Sheeran gives them a whole huge other reason to pine for the One Direction singer.

Sheeran revealed that on a recent trip with 1D on their tour bus, Styles, an avid and vocal fan of being naked, pretty much ran around their ride in the buff. Despite Harry's nudie tendencies, it was still a bit of a shock for Sheeran -- especially at how carefree Styles was.

"I turned around and Harry was stripped off and completely naked, just sitting there laughing,” Sheeran told Australia’s 2Day FM (via Sugarscape). “Literally, I was looking out of the window, watching cars go past. I turn around, all the boys are kind of shocked, and there’s just him laughing, completely naked.”

When asked how Harry is endowed, Sheeran laughed, “He’s packing heat, yeah. He’s packing heat.”

So wait, let's get this straight: Not only is Harry adorable, successful, fun and mega rich -- he's also er, blessed down below? No wonder why women leave their husbands for him and Sports Illustrated models are falling at his feet. Anyone else wish they could be a cougar right now?

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