From Justin Bieber to B.o.B, Taylor Swift has been branching out to work with other young superstars in various genres. Her latest collaboration is with British singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran. The two delivered matching tweets yesterday to tell the world about their songwriting session.

Sheeran teased his followers by first announcing that he was writing with "a very cool artist" without naming names. A few hours later, he and Swift spilled the beans:

We love this collaboration, as both performers tend to write sensitive, introspective songs about their lives. Many Twitter users were excited about the news, though one Sheeran fan jokingly gave the young Brit a word of caution: "Don't do it Ed. Don't fall into her trap. She'll write songs about you!"

Swift has been working on new songs that may end up on her follow-up to 'Speak Now,' which may come out later this year. Sheeran experienced massive success last year in England with his album '+,' which will see a U.S. release in June. The proud new owner of a goat tattoo toured America earlier this year and plans to return in June to support the album.

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