Despite what Sheerios may think, Ed Sheeran doesn't see himself as a sex symbol.

In a recent interview with Nightline, the 'Don't' singer opened up about attracting women, breakup songs and advice from Taylor Swift. It's clear that despite his multiple Grammy nods and worldwide fame, Ed is still totally down-to-earth!

"No, I've never seen myself as a sex symbol," he admitted, adding, "And I think if I didn't play music, no one else would either ... My mum thinks I'm handsome, so I'll take that."

As sweet as Ed's demeanor may be, there's no doubt that his lyrics can include some pretty intense emotions, like the razor-sharp edge of 'Don't.' But for the singer, putting these real-life stories to music is almost therapeutic.

“I think it’s nice to get something positive out of a bad situation,” he explained. “I’d say that’s the way I’d look at it. I’m not trying to be bitter in any way. I just wanted to get something good out of that situation.”

It goes without saying that someone who has collaborated with superstars like Taylor Swift and Pharrell would gather some advice along the way, but it turns out their words of wisdom were similar.

“The same thing Taylor said to me was the same thing Pharrell said, is just the same thing: Constant humility, constant evolution and be a sponge, soak up your influences,” Ed revealed.

Check out Ed's complete interview with Nightline in the video above!

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