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  • Ed Sheeran's Cover of Sam Smith's 'Stay With Me'

    I'm already obsessed with Sam Smith's 'Stay With Me,' so when I saw that Ed Sheeran covered the moving song, that was pretty much it for me. Not only did his powerful voice carry the already emotionally-charged track, but he was also backed up by a choir, which really drove the tune home. The redheaded Brit stayed pretty true to the original tune, but I love that he didn't need to riff much to make it his own. The song thrives on its heart-wrenching lyrics and the simplicity of the music, and it just needs those passionate vocals to tie it all together, which, Sheeran, of course, delivered. - Michelle McGahan, Associate Editor

  • The 'Beauty and the Beast' Reboot

    'Beauty and the Beast' ranks pretty high on my Disney list. (Although 'Aladdin' will permanently hold the top spot.) I'm normally not a huge fan of remakes, but with the right people -- and I have confidence in this team -- I think they can be pretty darn phenomenal.

    I can't speak for the final product, but I am very, very excited to see this adaptation. It's been remade multiple times already (including a CW show and a movie featuring Mary-Kate Olsen), but I think with the right care, the 'Beauty and the Beast' reboot has the potential to be almost as good as the animated version. - Maggie Malach, Senior Editor

  • Kittens Rockin' Out to Lil Jon

    I'll admit it: I laughed so hard while watching this video that I was practically in tears. Lil Jon and cuddly kittens are two things that couldn't be more on opposite ends of the spectrum if they tried, so putting them together in one LOL-worthy viral video was probably the best thing to happen to the Internet this week. The kitties not only go hard to the beat of the hip-hop track, they're also up for adoption -- and I have a feeling it won't take long for them to find a permanent home. After all, look at all that talent! - Michelle McGahan, Associate Editor

  • Cher Lloyd's Stripped-Down 'Sirens' Performance

    Cher Lloyd's breath-taking rendition of 'Sirens' isn't new to the 'net, but over the past few days, I've found myself drawn to it more and more. I actually heard this version before I heard the studio version, and while I love both, there's something so unique about this stripped-down performance.

    With her fast raps and killer confidence, Cher exudes self-confidence. Even as she sings about the qualities she lacks in 'I Wish,' she possesses the kind of self-assurances that captivates fans. However, 'Sirens' shows a more vulnerable side of the singer. She's broken down, she's hurt and no, she might not pick herself back up right away. But you better believe she's a fighter. - Maggie Malach, Senior Editor