Ed Sheeran performed his totally swoon-worthy single 'Thinking Out Loud' for the 2014 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, and it was crazy romantic.

Decked out in a crisp white button down, black vest and black pants, Ed looked totally dapper. His performance did a fantastic job showcasing his stellar vocals and he sounded absolutely amazing, accompanied only by electric guitar. The models floated down the runway in time with the music, making for a perfectly lovely segment of the show. It was a nice change from the super upbeat performances given by Taylor Swift and, later, Ariana Grande.

Our favorite part? It's probably a tie between when we caught a quick glimpse of Taylor Swift singing along to 'Thinking Out Loud' backstage, and when Taylor and Ed passed by after his performance and she said, super enthusiastically -- aka in true Taylor fashion -- "You KILLED IT!" Their friendship is way too cute.

Check out the video above to see Ed perform 'Thinking Out Loud.' What do you guys think? Was it perfect or was it perfect!? Because same.

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