In case you haven't filled your quota of Disturbing Things to Watch on the Internet for the day, we're here to help.

One of our favorite songs, probably in the history of forever, is Ed Sheeran's 'Thinking Out Loud,' and we've loved pretty much every version we've heard of it. But a new video was posted online of someone impersonating Ed, singing the ballad -- which sounds pretty standard, right?

Well, the video is a little different from a simple cover or impersonation, because it shows someone's chin lip syncing to 'Thinking Out Loud.' Reddit user DevilDevine posted the video of his buddy (who he deemed 'Ed Sheerchin'), who drew a face on his chin and filmed himself, upside down, singing the ballad. To his credit, he totally gets the timing and all the words right, so it's a valiant effort on his part. It's still totally bizarre to see, especially when we can't help but picture Ed every time we hear the song.

Check out the video above of Ed Sheerchin singing 'Thinking Out Loud' and let us know if it totally made your day or not.

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