Ed Sheeran took the stage during tonight's (Dec. 16) finale episode of 'The Voice,' and he totally blew us away. Equal parts amazing vocalist and incredible performer, Ed broke it down by singing a favorite of ours, the ultimate wistful ballad 'Thinking Out Loud.'

Is there a song more romantic than 'Thinking Out Loud'? Probably not. It's the kind of song you can listen to on repeat forever -- especially when you're feeling particularly heartbroken or sad  -- in the shower and put the music on to drown out your painful cries. Not that we know what that's like from personal experience or anything.

As if the song itself weren't romantic enough, the backdrop was like something straight out of our sappiest fantasy -- and we mean that in a good way. It looked like an entire galaxy of stars was set up behind Ed, with lyrics gracing the backdrop every now and then.

Check out Ed's performance above and let us know how you guys feel! Are you totally obsessed with it? How happy are you that this song was made a single so people unfamiliar with Ed could be graced with its beautiful melody? Let us know!

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