Ed Sheeran has been keeping busy! The singer recently opened up about his 'Thinking Out Loud' video, setting the bar very, very high for our expectations.

“It’s the best video I’ve ever done and probably ever will do,” he told MTV News. “It’s incredible, and I don’t say that lightly. It’s legit.”

No worries, Sheerios. Ed revealed a little more information to hold you over until the video drops!

“We shot it on 16mm film, which we couldn’t do a whole lot of. It’s all one shot at the moment," he explained. "I think we might do cutaways and stuff, and I learned to do something very different. I want the video to come out and everybody to be like, ‘What the hell is he doing?’ Just something that is going to shock you.”

Considering that Ed always makes our jaws drop with his creative and fun music videos, we have no doubt 'Thinking Out Loud' will be amazing.

And speaking of amazing, both Ed and One Direction confirmed that he wrote a track for the band's upcoming album, 'Four.'

“I got a call from [Simon] Cowell the other day, but you never know, it might happen last minute where it’s taken off. Like that’s how it works in this industry, so you never know," he told MTV News.

However, Zayn Malik and Louis Tomlinson said the track will be on the new album.

"It's a great song," Louis said, explaining that the vibe of the song is “more slow then stadium rock.”

Zayn added that it's more of a ballad, which has us even more excited! (#YouAndI)

In summary: So much amazingness awaits, Sheerios and Directioners. Get ready!

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