Eddie Redmayne recently confessed to his first-ever celeb crush on ‘The Graham Norton Show,’ but it might not be who you would expect.

“I loved ‘The Lion King’ when I was younger, and I had a weird obsession with Nala,” he admitted through fits of laughter. “Look at her face, she’s so sweet [and] she could sing really well.”

‘The Theory of Everything’ actor copped to having a childhood crush on Maid Marian from ‘Robin Hood,’ too.

Just as Eddie may have been feeling a tiny bit embarrassed by his puppy loves -- so to speak -- Anna Kenderick, who was also a guest on Norton’s show, defended the oddball infatuations.

“No, I had that too,” Anna said. “In Eddie’s defense, they draw them really sexy, ‘cause Robin Hood was really sexy.”

Watch the hilarious interview in the clip above.