You've rocked out to Eden xo's 'Too Cool to Dance' (which you can download here), and now the singer is giving you a look inside her purse! You can check out her bag and its contents in the photo above, but we'll let Eden tell you about her essentials in her own words:

1. Rosebud salve. My favorite stuff on earth! I'm obsessed with always having something on my lips, but I don't always want color. This stuff is perfect because it just enhances your natural lip color.

2. Emergen-C. I travel a lot, so I usually chug down an Emergen-c before getting on planes to boost my immune system.

3. Peppermint tea. My best friend before singing in the studio.

4. Banana Boat sunblock. It's always sunny in California. I put it on the tops of my hands when driving so I don't get old lady hands.

5. Flash drive. Handy dandy file saving sidekick ... If I lost it, I'd probably have a few songs leak.

6. Tom Ford Tobacco Vanilla men's cologne. My FAVORITE scent right now! Even though it's for men, it just works with my body chemistry.

7. Gold hoops.

8. Pür Minerals Smooth Talker. Love this color so much! And it goes on so evenly and really helps wake my face up.

9. Disinfectant spray. I'm kind of a germ-a-phobe. I spray it in hotel rooms on the remote and all light switches, haha.

10. Revlon Certainly.

11. Red Le Pens. The best pens ever -- they just write so smooth and they come in such fun colors! I love writing lyrics with them!

12. I Love NY lighter. I don't smoke, it's to light candles in hotel rooms with ... I always pack candles when I travel.

13. Salt water taffy. Sometimes I have a sweet craving. It's the perfect little snack.

14. Superglue. My red nails are kind of my thing ever since middle school, so if I chip or break one I kind of freak out and like to have super glue on hand to fix it.

15. Benefit Hello Flawless compact.

16. Pepper spray. There are some real creeps out there. I have to stay alert and safe, so it's on my keychain if I'm ever walking around late at night.

17. Make Up Forever lip liner.

Honorable Mentions: Marc Jacobs wallet, Starbucks gum, Dolce sunglasses, hand sanitizer and an array of lipsticks: MAC Amplified Morange, MAC lipgloss on Lust is Lush, MAC lipgloss in Right Image.

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