If you're at all familiar with Eden xo, you know by now that her music -- like her single 'Too Cool to Dance' -- is crazy catchy, fun pop that's perfect for a summer drive with the windows rolled down. Eden released a video giving us an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the different outfits she wore in the music video for 'Too Cool to Dance,' and considering how awesome she always looks, we're totally thrilled! Check out the video above.

Eden tells us that she's a California girl, and we can definitely see that inspiration throughout the music video. It's full of bright, colorful outfits that really catch your attention, helping the video perfectly match the fun vibe of the song.

It's clear that Eden really knows her fashion, because when talking about the all-floral outfit she wears in the video -- which we're totally obsessed with, by the way -- she mentions drawing inspiration from fashion designer Mara Hoffman. Eden then goes on to mention the pieces from the Joyrich collaboration with Playboy that she used for her video.

Talking about her schoolgirl look, she calls it "schoolgirl meets k-pop meets rockabilly," and it's a totally apt description. She wears a chiffon red skirt with a white button down top, and shakes things up by wearing creepers instead of your typical Mary Janes or tennis shoes. We love it!

Eden's style is totally to-die-for, so we're super excited to see what she comes up with next. You can download 'Too Cool to Dance' on iTunes here.