It's Friday and we officially have the soundtrack to your weekend, courtesy of Eden xo and Manufactured Superstars.

From the opening beats, 'Too Cool to Dance' is wicked catchy. It only gets better when Eden starts singing clever lines like, "Won't catch me waiting in a queue / In and out, merci beaucoup/  I like boys with attitude / Skinny jeans and good tattoos." We told you this is a good jam!

Manufactured Superstars took the track to a new level with their insanely good remix.

"I love the Manufactured Superstars' twist on 'Too Cool To Dance'!" Eden xo tells PopCrush. "When I listen to it, I imagine I'm in a Tokyo nightclub, wearing a red baby doll dress, dancing the night away to progressive house music."

Even though the weekend may seem like years away this afternoon, the time will fly with this amazing remix! Listen to it above, and to stay up-to-date with Eden xo, follow her on Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook.