When Jennifer Lawrence and Elizabeth Banks get together, we expect that there would be a lot of off-color jokes and 'Hunger Games' references. Turns out, we were right.

Elizabeth Banks had J. Law on her 'Ask a Badass' web series, where they dished on everything from 'Mockingjay' to the soundtrack to Lawrence's life (Aqua's 'Barbie Girl,' duh). And they even made not one, but two, penis references -- because of course.

While Banks was remarking about the welcome addition of female actresses to the 'Hunger Games' franchise, she also commented on how Lawrence has two male co-stars. Which is cool, because the Academy Award-winning actress is practically a guy anyway, she joked.

"But you're a guys' girl," Banks told her. "Like, you basically have a penis."

"Basically," J. Law said in agreement.

And that was just the first penis reference, as Banks and Lawrence later played a lightning round of 'Who is the bigger badass?' 'Hunger Games' edition.

"Peeniss or Hayfie?" Banks asked, referring to the pairing of Peeta and Katniss or Haymitch and Effie. (Important side note: Peeniss could also be Katpee.)

Watch J. Law's answer (and the co-stars' entire hilarious exchange) in the video above!

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