You've read the reports that she's dating Justin Bieber -- and now you can hear aspiring recording artist Ellapaige Roberts-Clarke cover one of his songs.

Roberts-Clarke, who was spotted with Bieber at Justin Timberlake's after-party following the BRIT Awards on Feb. 20 -- and again on Bieber's birthday -- has been the focus of intense gossip and speculation for the last couple of weeks, but whatever she may or may not be up to in her personal life, she's wasting no time putting her newfound notoriety to solid professional use.

For one of the three videos currently uploaded to her official YouTube channel, Roberts-Clarke even opted to cover one of her alleged paramour's songs, putting her own spin on Bieber's 'As Long as You Love Me' as part of a stripped-down medley that also features her take on Rihanna's 'Diamonds.'

Although it was only uploaded Saturday (March 2), Roberts-Clarke writes in the video's caption that the performance was recorded back in September. It was captured at Kensaltown Studios in London, the same spot where she taped her first original release, 'A Thousand Stories,' with producer Flo Reutter. Of course, while 'A Thousand Stories' has just over 81,000 views as of this writing, 'Shine Bright as Long as You Love Me' has racked up nearly 310,000. She may want to be a star in her own right, but clearly, Ellapaige has already learned a thing or two about what gets people's attention.