R&B newcomer Elle Varner goes back in time in her new video for 'I Only Wanna Give It to You,' which is the kick-off single from her debut LP 'Perfectly Imperfect.' Not only that, the 22-year-old songbird nabbed the hottest rapper in the game J. Cole to make a cameo appearance.

Directed by Orson Whales, the colorful video features Varner bouncing from scene to scene as she sings about having a crush on a guy she saw at the shoe store. The clip also recreates '90s retro motifs including Cross Colours jeans, 8-ball jackets, dookie rope chains, graffitied walls, hi-top fades and Keith Herring-style outfits.

J. Cole pops in and flips a quick rap about kickin' it old-school with the beautiful crimped-hair diva. "Baby you all I need to get by / You’re fly, so you’re all I need to get high / You got it? / So put ya number in this camera phone / And we can live like the camera’s on," he raps. At the end of the video, the couple drive off in a classic yellow Jeep Wrangler. Now that's old-school, for ya.

Varner penned the lyrics to the throwback single, which was produced by trackmasters Pop & Oak. The song uses the classic hip-hop breakbeat of Biz Markie's 1988 jam 'Make The Music With Your Mouth.' Elle Varner is talented singer-songwriter and we can expect to hear more great things from her real soon.

Watch the Elle Varner 'I Only Wanna Give It to You' Video Feat. J. Cole