Ellen DeGeneres knows a thing or two about epic selfies. She pretty much broke the Internet (and a Twitter record) with her insanely star-studded Oscars selfie, and now she's sharing this amazing shot featuring Justin Bieber, Kanye West and Sam Smith. CRAY.

This selfie is so freaking amazing for oh so many reasons. Not only were each of the artists featured on Ellen's birthday show -- you can watch Justin Bieber surprise Ellen here -- the fact that she got all of them together in one photo is enough to send the Internet into a celeb-filled frenzy.

Clearly, Justin, Kanye and Sam are some of the biggest artists in music today -- but they are all so different from each other -- almost hilariously so. Plus, Ellen somehow managed to get Kanye West to smile in the pic -- and as we all know, that is not an easy feat. Of course, if anyone could accomplish such a difficult task, it would be Ellen DeGeneres, who could probably make pigs fly if she wanted to.

Check out the epic selfie in the photo above!

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