Following the massive success of 'Lights' and her new album, 'Halcyon,' Ellie Goulding has a pretty packed planner for 2013. But she has one goal in particular that she'd like to tackle in the new year, and she's resolving to get brave enough to actually go through with it. So what's this big scary endeavor?

Sky diving! She told Billboard, "I want to be a bit more adventurous next year. I need to man up!"

Aside from play, she's got a lot of work ahead of her. She'll be touring plenty to support her sophomore effort -- and that's all in addition to the promotional and press touring she's done already. "What we'd say in the U.K. is mental," she laughed. "Just because I have written and finished my record this year, and been around the world promoting it. Next year is going to be so much [touring], so many shows. It's just going to continue."

Still, that doesn't mean Goulding doesn't have time for newer, different art other than her killer solo chanteuse deal -- and her collaborations with her ex-but-still-good-pal Skrillex. "I'd like to do a side-project thing," she revealed. "I might be bringing out something next year. We'll see how much time I have."

It doesn't sound like she'll have much, but we'd be excited to hear what she has in store. You can catch Goulding performing on 'New Year's Rockin' Eve' on Monday night (Dec. 31) on ABC.