Ellie Goulding and Skrillex were a super cute couple, so the music world was bummed to hear that they split. Goulding, who is usually pretty private, finally opened up about why they broke up.

"It's literally because we didn't see each other enough," she lamented to The Sun. "It's really sad. He's one of my best mates it's a shame. He is a really beautiful person, he's the nicest human being," she insisted. "He's very kind and we connect. He's a really wonderful person. It's good just to even have him as a mate."

They're on such good terms that they're actually still planning on working together. "Me and my ex Sonny (Skrillex) are good mates, we're even going to make music together next year," she revealed. "Our own little project which will be released. Everyone loves the 'Twilight' track," she added. "We work really well together, we've found we really do connect in that way. It will be something a bit more electronic, it won't be like my music."

Don't cry for Ellie's broken heart, though. It looks like 'War Horse' actor Jeremy Irvine is helping her to mend it. The pair were spotted holding hands while ice skating in London recently, though they were with a group of friends -- they may have just been trying to keep their balance!

Ben Pruchnie, Getty Images

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