Selena Gomez has been teasing fans with promises of new music for a while now, and now we finally have an idea of what it will sound like and when we'll hear it. The 'Spring Breakers' starlet says to expect a dance-y first single this spring that will set the tone for her new album.

"It is so much fun [making music]," Gomez gushed to Teen Vogue (via 4Music). "I made a huge fun dance record that I'm so proud of. I got to record 20 or so great songs and work with a bunch of different producers and they're all really fun, pop songs and a little Ellie Goulding-ish, a little island-y feel," she said.

Gomez added, "It's a really fun pop record. I'm super stoked for it. It's kind of been hush-hush about it and I'm excited for the single to come out and for my fans to hear it."

So when will that be? "I'll release the single in April and then I'll tour this summer," Gomez affirmed.

It shouldn't be too surprising that Goulding influenced Gomez. The duo are pals and hung out at the Ultra Music Festival last year while Sel was shooting 'Spring Breakers,' which was scored by Goulding's then-boyfriend, Skrillex.

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