Illinois native Ellis Wylie is a typical outcast theater kid, just like the 'Glee' New Directions group she hopes to join, should she win 'The Glee Project' this summer.

Ellis is 19-years-old, but is often mistaken for someone much younger -- a pitfall she thinks will play to her advantage in the competition. "As a singer, because of how young I tend to look, it's hard to be taken seriously in a part," she explains. "When I saw that this audition was for someone to look like they're in high school, to look like they're young, I was like, 'Yes! I can do that! Something that fits me.'"

Ellis was picked up in her home state, at the Chicago open casting call, likely because of her bubbly personality. "I'm like the most serious person you'll ever meet…," she says with a laugh. "No, I laugh at everything in the world."

She spills that not only is she fun-loving, she's open, too. "I'm kind of a very real person and I wear everything on my sleeve," Ellis says. "I always tell everyone that my deepest, darkest secrets are not secrets, they're just right out there."

We think we have a 'Glee' role etched for Miss Wylie should she defeat the 11 contenders she's up against on 'The Glee Project.' You see, Ellis can't dance, but she can sing -- exactly the opposite of Mike Chang -- a love match in the making! "I really don't think I'm the best dancer in the world, but I do like to move when I sing," Ellis admits. "In fact, I have a lot of trouble standing still. That was always my problem in choir."

Pairing her up with Mike would mean that Tina would have to step aside, but eh, those crazy McKinley High kids are always playing love swap. Even if she doesn't make it through to 'Glee,' Ellis says that she simply appreciates the opportunity. "This is like the biggest opportunity for me that there could ever possibly be, I can't think of anything that I would fit better than this."

Watch Ellis Wylie Perform Alison Krauss' 'The Scarlet Tide'