'Hannah Montana' alum

Emily Osment has released a new song, 'Hush,' featuring Josh Ramsay of Canadian pop band Marianas Trench.

Osment's website notes that she and Ramsay wrote the tune together in Canada: "The two talented stars hit it off at first meeting and decided to put their heads together to pen a catchy and exciting summer hit, and 'Hush' was the outcome."

'Hush' is apparently about a troubled teen relationship, though its cryptic lyrics require the listener to use a bit of imagination: "You say that you're never gonna leave me / But two times that you tell me that you need me / This line is mine, just think about it / You don't know, you don't know, you don't know."

Osment released her first album less than a year ago, and the 19-year-old's singing career is still growing. Unfortunately, 'Hush' probably won't be the song to provide her breakthrough hit, as the synth-pop production is rather plain.

The unimpressive musical accompaniment leaves the focus on the performers' vocals, a mistake in the case of Osment, whose thin voice feels so light it could float away, even when it's double-tracked on the chorus. The inclusion of Ramsay is definitely a good move, as his verses and harmonies help liven up the track.

No word yet on whether 'Hush' will appear on a future Osment album. Her debut release, 'Fight or Flight,' was released last October and produced the moderate hit 'Let's Be Friends.'

Rating: 6/10

Listen to Emily Osment Feat. Josh Ramsay, 'Hush'