Not even a year after her second album, 'Fight or Flight,' dropped, former 'Hannah Montana' starlet Emily Osment is already hitting the studio to work on her third LP.

On her official Twitter page, Osment says, "Just wrote a smash w/ @kylendeporter & @bradyleffler. Would you be mad if I went back to my southern roots? What do YOU want out of album 3?"

Hmm! Could the 19-year-old singer-songwriter be switching up her style again? 'Fight or Flight' was a dancepop album, while her debut album 'All the Right Wrongs' had a more pop-rock feel. From the sound of her tweet, Osment may be taking the country route this time around!

In other related news, Osment was photographed leaving a restaurant in Los Angeles with 'Cooler Than Me' singer Mike Posner. The picture doesn't seem to indicate a budding romance; but Osment wore a slightly embarrassed-looking  expression in the picture, so maybe it was a date? We'll just have to wait and see!

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